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Find The Wedding Gown of Your Dreams

We created Come Find Your YES! to help you find the wedding gown of your dreams in the best way possible—shopping at a bridal salon near you! You are unique, and bridal shops, too, have unique personalities. Click here to see the possibilities.

Tempted to shop online? Think again. The price you see online looks incredible, but the dress that arrives may look nothing like the online photo. In fact many online sites sell counterfeits made from poor quality materials—some treated with chemicals that literally make you sick.

Only a bridal shop near you offers the experience you will remember forever—finding the perfect gown for you surrounded by family and friends. Expert stylists and staff can suggest the most flattering styles and colors. They also make sure your gown fits properly. And, YES, they can make changes that turn your gown into one of a kind. You’ll enjoy creative, personal service that’s very different from the result you get from clicking a button on the Internet!

Worried about price? Bridal salons can work within a specific budget. Watch, too, for trunk shows where the designers themselves are on hand to offer special pricing when you buy during the show. Some bridal shops provide package deals including accessories, but all can offer valuable options to fit your budget.

The trained consultants in a bridal shop near you truly care, and they take pride in their service. Do let them help you find the wedding gown just right for you—the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day.

Special thanks to the International Bridal Manufacturers Association and the National Bridal Sale Event for sponsoring this program.

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