The Unforgettable Wedding Dress Experience

Our Mission

Our mission is helping you find the wedding dress of your dreams. Shop with us, and you can see, touch, and feel your wedding dress with no surprises. Together with your family and friends, experience the unique delight of finding the perfect wedding dress for you.


1. Search

Visit bridal shop websites to see which bridal shops carry the wedding dress styles you like best.


2. Prepare

Too many voices will be confusing so shop only with the relatives and friends who are truly important to you. Be sure to wear the proper undergarments and take shoes with you that are like the ones you plan to wear on your wedding day.


3. Shop

Your bridal gown consultant can help you find the styles most flattering to you.


4. Budget

If you have a budget, tell us now so we can help you stay within your range or find something specially priced for you.


5. Try On

Some wedding dresses look terrible on the hanger but will be amazing on you, and sometimes the exact opposite of the wedding dress you had in mind will surprise you!


6. Celebrate

Once you find your wedding gown, stop. More shopping will just confuse you. Move on to the other fun things you are planning for your wedding.

Photography by Elevate Photography and the Bridal Collection

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